Monday, June 30, 2008

Woodsy Fantasy

Here is a woodsy inspiration board I pulled together with inspiration from a little vintage plate, an antique print of a fern leaf, old copper leaf pendants and a museum artifact of a gold and turquoise snake necklace. The Agate coasters would also make great pillar candle holders and the small votive(lower right) is wrapped in copper painted galax leaves. I think the arbor would make a great starting point for the design of a naturalistic chuppa with grapevines and the flower shown are a combination of Blue Thistle, Blush Ranunculus, Dinner Plate Dahlias and Helioborus.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chanin for Changing Times

While working on the conception of an orphan quilt project (future post) with my lifetime friend Doris Athineos, editor of antiques for Traditional Home Magazine, she mentioned that I take a look at the original craft work of Natalie “Alabama” Chanin, of Florence, Alabama, whom I immediately fell in love with! She uses a combination of new, organic and recycled materials to create the most evocative textiles which whisper, "I have a secret story to tell". The work featured on her site is undisputedly gorgeous but what is even more inspirational are her methods of employing artisans who work and live in nearby communities and make everything by hand. Here is an image from her website of a dress any pixie would dream of running off in to exchange vows so tender with her soul mate that the moment would elicit compassion and true love for decades to come.

Feathers of a Protea

Once upon a time I was working on the flowers for a corporate job with my fellow friend and flower nerd goddess Cornelia McNamarra and we had decided to create floating arrangements making all sorts of submerged floaters(future post). We deconstructed artichokes and sunflowers and queen proteas to construct these "rafts" to float small arrangements. Suddenly I looked over her way to the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and never thought of doing! Cornelia was making these little feather florets from the protea petals! It was as I like to say, lightning in a bottle. Hence was born the protea petal "feather"!
Here are some samples of later day appropriations for her genius idea!