Sunday, November 25, 2012

Away but not Idle

in a nutshell....
















Returning from a long sabbatical from posting although a sabbatical in it's truest sense lasts a year not 5 months, and I can't say I haven't been working as evidenced above. Nevertheless, I have no excuses to offer except that I needed a break and I took it. Since the last post a season has steamed rolled by and with it many personal and professional roller coaster rides. Not the modern smooth and extreme Magic Kingdom type but the old Cyclonesque ones where you fear that the tinder sticks below will give way and are simply grateful at the end that another trip has come to a stop without impending doom. Some favorite high points form this summer are included here via Instagram takes. I don't promise to return with a vengeance but rather with a mission- to share more. Actually I share a bit too much on Instagram which is most likely the reason for my blog ennui, please follow me if you wish at (BRIDGETVIZOSO).  I hope I haven't lost every last one of you and thank you for checking back in.