Thursday, May 31, 2012

Macri Square

Francis Benjamin Johnson
Climbing Rose Archway
Pink Rambler Rose

There's this little Square off the Lorimer Street subway stop called Macri Park and it's overrun by these sweet tiny rambling roses. No one really cares to the border garden at one end of the square and there's something beautiful about an unkempt garden where wild vines and sprawling rose brambles mingle with the hydrangea bushes heavy with puffy clouds of powder blue and lavender heads. I make it sound much more romantic than it  is with the traffic roaring overhead on the BQE. It's one of those Williamsburg slacker gardens that claim a charm of their own simply by surviving another year in a tiny lot of soil surrounded by industrial pollution and hipsters letting their dogs run next to it in an old bacci court and what serves as the only dog run in the neighborhood.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Misty, Rainy May

Central Park 5/22/12

Ta Da! And Summer begins

Went through the park yesterday and wistfully bemoaned the reality that this year's long Spring has ended. Here I revisit an arrangement form a previous recent post of young peach branches from a good friend's backyard with Tree Peonies, some Euphorbia, Viburnum, Lambs Ear, Parrot Tulips, Lily of the Valley, Passion vine and a few sprigs of Columbine as a farewell to this year's most unusual long winded season. Repetitive, perhaps but non the less pretty. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday lovelies!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Emotional Life

Roses are everywhere now. Rambling up through Maple Trees, weeping over garden gates and climbing up brick walls. The border garden behind the studio offered some great long branches that I combined with flowers left from the fundraiser we donated flowers to this week at the NY Botanical Gardens. (St Christopher's Inn Org.). The affair raises over $100,000.00 and I was very happy that we could contribute in some form. It's a very special and needed organization.

With a few Azalea and Smoke Bush branches, Peonies and the roses from out back I assembled a somewhat discordant jumble of reds and whites shown above in the silver urn. This arrangement reflected my own inner emotional workings. Sometimes things just don't come together the way you'd wish they did but it's all a part of the whole and not necessarily good or bad. Tomorrow is another day with another set of battles and emotions and another chance to make another arrangement.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Question of Color

More of the same.....
more Tree Peonies, Heleborus,  Begonias, Bleeding Hearts, Passion Vine, Camelias, Poppies, Jasmine,Columbine. More was more last week.
One of my fellow flower enthusiasts once gave me a very touching compliment. She said that I used color the way the English do- unabashedly. She said the Brits always have this confidence to combine bold colors in ways that work.
Ironically, my color choices are never something I over-think. I just choose those which makes me feel happy and alive. I know they're not always the most popular or trendsetting choices but they appeal to me and perhaps they resonate with a deeper memory of the tropics of my childhood in West Palm Beach where flowers meant brightness- Corals, Reds, Pinks, Orange, and Chartreuse. Sometimes, I feel like making a moodier palette but this is one I always return to especially in the Spring. Hopefully they lift other people's spirits too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"I Just Adore A Penthouse View"

Today a good friend of mine asked if I could help thin out the young peaches on his tree. It was quite an undertaking and helped me appreciate the amount of work that day laborers on farms are subjected to. Of course I squandered off with a few fallen branches of my own and raided the studio fridge for a few choice specimen left from earlier this week. Tree Peonies, Columbine, Viburnum, Lily of the Valley, and blossoming Passion vine held court in this tangle of Peach branches, cushioned in Geranium, Euphorbia, and Lambs Ears. If arrangements had addresses (and they do) this one would surely be an UES belle.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Antiques Show at The Park Avenue Armory

This week was the Spring Antiques Show at the beautifully restored Park Avenue Armory. I had the honor to decorate the show with our oversized floor arrangements as well as providing flowers for vendors. My amazing crew managed to artfully install 28 bales of Crabapple, 9 bales of Lilac, 6 bales of Viburnum and three bales of Peonies. Imagine the fragrance as guests entered through a forest of Spring branches finished with masses of Jasmine and Lilac! The challenge of this job came after the opening festivities when the heat from some 60 booths lit with high powered spot lights created a toasty environment for all that splendid material to live in. Daily watering, spritzing and pruning helped keep the arrangements looking fresh for the duration of the show but not without much TLC. Tonight we break it all down and I can take a deep breath. Mission accomplished!