Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cocktails Anyone?

A mass of Dinnerplate Dahlias in a crystal vase serve as a focal point in the Townhouse residence decorated by Mona Ross Berman.
Mona asked for some arrangements for the cocktail party she hosted at this lovely townhouse on the Upper West Side. She asked me for something lush but controlled. I opted for these flirty Dahlias. In the foyer we also kept it restrained but cheerful and seasonal with Crab Apple Branches and Lace cap hydrangea. There's a time and a place for different styles of flower decorations, the trick is knowing which is appropriate and when.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Power Dial

Flower arranging is an art unto itself with elements of painting, sculpture and collage. It fills the senses with color, shape, fragrance. If I had to rename it I'd call it sculptural collage and if it wasn't as ephemeral as it is we would surely visit exhibitions of Flower Artists with long articles written by critics over the success or failure of the displays.
Collage is the closest thing we have to a waking dream state. Have I ever mentioned my favorite medium? Photo collage. It invents it's own symbolic language. This collage snapped at 1st Dibs reflects the feeling I get with every job, every call, every proposal. All engines engaged! Let's make it happen! Only wish I looked as fair, pretty and seductive as the young gamine shown here. I want her hair too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Rainy Spring Afternoon.....Earlier this year

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Photographs by Roey Yohai

These photos are from a wedding we produced at the Chelsea Mansion this past June. The setting was spectacular and the flowers that time of year were a celebration of color and delicacy. I was hoping to have this wedding chosen for an editorial spread and therefore hadn't posted the photos earlier. But as promised, here are a few. More can be viewed on Flickr. Our very talented team adorned the tent in swags of dense garland made of bush ivy and tree fern which were twirled around the the central poles and masses of Autumn Clematis, Lace cap Hydrangea and Mock Orange added which plumed out over the tables below. Antique cloche votive holders were suspended from the swags and illuminated the tables which were laden with various styles of arrangements ranging from towering candelabras cascading with Jasmine, Passion vine and Eucalyptus over an assortment of antique silver vessels all with the choicest of seasonal specimen (Garden roses, Lupine, Peonies) to groupings of mercury glass candle holders and tiered glass dishes or wrough iron urns. Over the top would be an appropriate description but over the top with an uninhibited and tasteful approach. The inspiration came from the old Dutch Masters paintings hanging in the parlors of the mansion. We aimed to honored those painters with our sumptuous tabletop displays and I certainly feel it was personally a Pièce de résistance in my floral decorating career. I hope you enjoy the beautiful photos taken by Roey Yohai.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Autumn Herbal Wedding

I apologize for my absenteeism toward my blogging duties. Actually, I'm not really sorry- I needed a break and it was a rather slow start to the week which accelerated from 0- 60 midweek and has landed me back into the familiar wedding flower frenzy!
I have to admit I was also a bit blue. But all that changed yesterday when I started playing with the fall goodies for a wedding this weekend which will be a play with herbs and garden roses amongst other berried friends.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sometimes things just don't go the way you really want and it's hard to pick up your bootstraps, put on a bright face and march on, but that's all you can do if you want things to change. This little mush pot is my touchstone to all that is sweet and tender and every single day she reminds me that having a love connection is the most important aspect of living. I am so grateful for Boo's presence and the presence of all the loved ones in my life!
I know this is a bit sappy but it is important for me, especially on days when another's perspective is all you need to bring you 'round, even if it is a delicate feline licking your arm.