Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Side of Paradise

This year the Horticultural Society of New York held their yearly fundraiser at 583 Park Avenue. The table top displays were translations on a theme: "This Side of Paradise", which ranged from underwater coral and shell fantasy motifs to the Garden of Eden. We chose to play on the earthly version - a drug induced paradise - and created giant fabric poppies dancing overhead in a floating airy revelry from the guests perspective. Smaller fabric flower lanterns illuminated the swirling tangles of stems which were planted in a giant glass flower pot exploding with fresh poppies and ranunculus. The table cloth and chair covers sang "orange electric" made of transparent hand died gauze. We titled our table "The Opiate Affair" and guests name cards included Jean Cocteau and Florence Nightingale, both opium addicts. The Opium translation may have been lost to some but most would agree that our fantasy paradise was one conceived and executed for only the greatest of flower lovers!!!!!!!!!