Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Unusual Winter's Tale

My little collaging fingers couldn't help but combine these two somewhat kindred images. The color story begs union yet the lady in question is from a time when women began to claim their voice in a male dominated world and this assemblage of flowers has a very modern feel to it.
What does a bouquet say?
It can be symbolic in it's character. This bouquet (Echeveria, Ilax Berries, Narcissus, Tuberrose, Dusty Miller and Lambs Ear) tells us a lot about our protagonist, lets call her Margaret.
The who, what where?
It's winter and our elegant lady is waiting, perhaps at a train station. Although she is self sufficient and worldly she longs for a partner. This bouquet can symbolize the fulfillment of this dream. Two independent and equally expressive Echiverias are a focal point in the arrangement. She is also a woman who takes great care in her attire and essence. The Paper-Whites are sweet-scented, and when combined with the aromatic Tuberrose, lend a fragrance as inviting as a proper ladies' powder room in a desaturated era.
Margaret is a modern woman who still retains a romantic streak. She is cool and collected and lends the cultivated air of gentility but can also be bold and is well prepared to hold her own in any scenario.
Most likely she would never have envisaged this bouquet for herself but fast forward 70 years and here it is. She was a woman way ahead of her time!