Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Wonderland in Central Park

My alarm was set so as not to miss the sunrise in Central Park after the blizzard last night. I ventured out into the yet untouched aftermath of the storm which suspended all city buses, schools and the LIR. Living near West End Ave my plan was to make it to the Bethesda Fountain and return. Once I made it to the bridge which looks out onto the fountain and pond I realized my toes where starting to hurt. Below was one single person and yelled out, "Is it worth it?" to which she shouted, "Hell yeah!" So down it was filling in the tracks that she must have left. It was treacherous but sometimes the adventurous hubris gets the best of me!
At this point I realized that the frost nip was progressively getting worse and that there might be refuge at the boathouse-I imagined drinking a hot tea and literally thawing myself out. Well the boathouse idea was a bust and I had to make it back on foot because there were no buses. So MAN -UP I did and tried not to focus on the pain which actually did subside as my feet became numb! Not good. My beloved camera reminded me to keep my eyes tuned which yielded so many photos that it's hard to choose which to post here. I know this has nothing to do with weddings but nature is so astonishingly beautiful at times like these that I feel compelled to share this self assigned photo-journalistic journey. All the photos can be viewed through my personal flickr account. Here are just a few more of my favorites.

The moral of the story is to get proper footwear when attempting to hike in a snow laden park!
My toes finally returned to their original pink and all is good now. Regardless I am happy I caught these shots which I invariably sent to my family and friends living in the warmer climates. Sure it's nice they could see it in a photograph but there really is no comparison to being there in person. Another reason to love this awesome city we live in!