Friday, February 18, 2011

Mercer's Refracting Gems

To say that only a few things excite me is not completely true but the play of light and color in Norman Mercer's acrylic sculptures are so visually engaging that I'd have to count them high amongst the many. These pieces were on display at 1st Dibs@NYDC which opened to the public this week and hosts a wonderful variety of dealers in an expansive 33,000 sq foot loft on the 10th floor of the New York Design Center. Mercer's work was displayed in several booths and I couldn't help being magnetically drawn to them. Mercer was an international businessman who decided after retirement to create art from modern technologies which were previously used to create more menacing products like the acrylic bubbles used on fighter planes in WWII.
He said,
“I wanted to take material associated with destruction and turn it into a means of beauty.”
He was 62 when he began what would prove a very successful career as an artist. He was the first to master this medium and developed a polymer to achieve the results he sought in his sculptures. Shows it's never to late to find your passion.