Sunday, May 29, 2011

People's Garden

People's Garden
at Riverside and 90th st

This weekend I am visiting as many NYC Community Gardens that I can and bringing it back to you before the hot days of summer wilt away these achingly beautiful sights around town. The photos above are from the People's Garden at 90th St and Riverside on the promenade. The small plots each have a distinct style of their own (or their proprietor) like the rock garden, or the small and perfectly manicured boxwood topiary garden and the wild flower section. You can walk through the small stone paths and discover unusual and enchanting specimen. The handful of NY volunteer gardeners that make this possible are painstakingly dedicated and obviously know what they are doing.... and I want IN!!! Just wondering which one I'll be luck enough to have a piece of-yes, I'm doing my homework. Spring will be over soon enough, I hope you get out there and see some of this and if not, enjoy my small contribution- sharing the love.