Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Magenta vs Puple

"Blue Mammy" Roses, Clematis, Sweet Pea, Lisianthus, Phlox, Pincushions, Super Vanda Orchids
Bride's Maids bouquet of Stock, Geranium, Maidenhair Fern and Viburnum
Delphinium blossoms decorating a Strawberry Shortcake Wedding Cake
Hybrid Delphinium and Larkspur
Tall arrangements: Curly Willow w/Mokara Orchids & Delphinium w/Larkspur

Here are some photos from today's Traditional Home Facebook blog post and others from a Violet themed wedding we produced this weekend at Tribecca Rooftop.
If truth be said, purple is not my favorite color of the spectrum. It crosses into fuchsia and blue so readily that it's often a challenge to keep true to an exact hue when buying for events. The same can be said and probably applies even more so to the saturated hot-pink family which you have to keep a very close eye on when ordering and picking up from the market. Magenta and many pinks and purples are not found on the visible color spectrum because they require a mix of multiple wavelengths to exist. That may be the reason they are so difficult to describe to your growers when ordering a very specific hue. Once I produced a magenta wedding and ordered the orchids directly from the growers. When the packages arrived they looked lavender veering into purple. A quick flurry of unexpected activity ensued, including running to the market before closing time to buy what I could find on hand that could substitute for the purple shipment. Needless to say time was spent, nerves were frayed and my feet were already hurting! What could have been a smooth operation turned into yet another stressful challenge. Tip of the day: make sure your vendors have exact names and samples before ordering and then check all the boxes before you leave with them to ensure you have exactly the correct shade of pink that's on the invitations!