Thursday, May 31, 2012

Macri Square

Francis Benjamin Johnson
Climbing Rose Archway
Pink Rambler Rose

There's this little Square off the Lorimer Street subway stop called Macri Park and it's overrun by these sweet tiny rambling roses. No one really cares to the border garden at one end of the square and there's something beautiful about an unkempt garden where wild vines and sprawling rose brambles mingle with the hydrangea bushes heavy with puffy clouds of powder blue and lavender heads. I make it sound much more romantic than it  is with the traffic roaring overhead on the BQE. It's one of those Williamsburg slacker gardens that claim a charm of their own simply by surviving another year in a tiny lot of soil surrounded by industrial pollution and hipsters letting their dogs run next to it in an old bacci court and what serves as the only dog run in the neighborhood.