Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neutral Grooves

Another summer bouquet made for New York Magazine this year of Fleshy Phalaenopsis Orchids in a bed of Lily of the Valley and Assorted delicate ferns has a, "Just Plucked from Nature" feel to it that I love.
Above is a booth at Diffa By Design that I particularly enjoyed for it's throwback tongue in cheek reference to a privileged set from a few decades back as well as the overall restrained desaturated colors. The mix of Ikat prints and the groovy vintage Echo scarf "Pair of Lions" mounted on a frame are tres fab. I expect an overly tanned Playgirl pin-up from the early 70's to be making an entrance any minute now offering something unspeakably manly to a socialite from the same era dressed in a floor length printed wool dress and perfect roller hair. This is no party for lightweights!


kit said...

I went to that show. I like the leaves that was hung from the top. Ikat was nice too.