Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pick Me Upper

A blogger can't afford to be dull or bored or any of the darker things that one naturally experiences in the ebb and flow of life. Truth be told I find myself completely unmotivated this week. It must be related to my absence at the gym. I find that my desire to make anything is dramatically increased by a good sweat. It's amazing how that works, but I miss a few days and nothing stirs me.

These poor neglected beauties were scavenged from the fridge at the studio today for a little pick me up-visual candy.

When asked this week by an ex who just became a father, "Are you happy?"
I swallowed my complaints and said, "I'm happy to be alive."
JEEZE, I could have spared him the passive drama and just said, "Oh Sure."
There's really nothing serious for me to complain about except my presently self-indulgent ennui and about 800 calories in the Pistachio Gelato which I now need to work off at my hateful spin class!
I spin cause I'm not thin, don't hold it against me.