Thursday, June 23, 2011


These photos were taken at the wedding we decorated at The Chelsea Mansion. I'm holding off on bringing out the guts of the flower story until they have been published elsewhere first. The lavish centerpieces, a nod to Maria van Oosterwick and the Dutch Golden Age, in my opinion, were the visual equivalent of eating a trio of sorbets made of the freshest and ripest tropical fruits finished off with a fine Madiera. There were three styles of centerpieces surrounded by satellite floral curiosities in antique vessels, venetian glass jewel boxes and mini urns. Every treatment was an expression of delicacy and whimsy and sometimes simply utter abandon. The room was dripping with candlelight and gorgeous garlands which wrapped around columns and exploded in giant sprays of Mock Orange, Spirea and Lace Cap Hydrangea. Needless to say.... the over all effect delighted me and made me a proud momma.

...Will revisit in the near future.