Monday, March 26, 2012

All Buttoned Up

A few weeks back we had the honor to spruce up the setting for Conde Nast Achievement Awards, an event we have helped produce for the past three years. In years past the event was held at the St Regis, but this year we worked at MOMA which I have always loved working in. MOMA is an ideal platform for corporate events. The space is designed to feature artwork in a clean unfettered environment so that the work speaks for itself. I feel it accomplishes the same effect with event design. The tastemakers at Conde Nast appreciate simplicity and an austere approach to decorating events. As you know by now, my true passion lies in the chaos and imperfection of nature but I also truly enjoy delivering a restrained feel for the appropriate occasion. I guess you could say this is the Dr Jekle to our Mr Hyde- with the exception that I hope they are both loved equally. :)