Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last Year's Tendrils

You can probably guess that this arrangement is somehow related to the last post of the bouquet with "Everything I had". You're right. I reconfigured the pieces adding some to compose the aforementioned bouquet. A sprawling arrangement made in an old tarnished silver revere bowl containing dried Clematis tendrils (from last year's display), English Ivy, Pussy Willow, Delphinium, Cherry Branches, Queen Anne's lace, Skimia, Astrantia, young Parrot tulips, Poppies and Hyacinth. I'd like to see this on an escort table surrounded by assorted pewter candlesticks- maybe an old candelabra for good measure. The lost garden above is from one of my favorite garden paths at Lowther Castle in England. A tour of long lost gardens in Europe is in the works!