Friday, March 2, 2012

Copper and Violet

I'm so in love with copper these days! I want a giant metal copper pendant globe shade for my living room! I want a whole collection of vintage copper goblets and pedestal dishes! I want it all and I want it in copper! It just gives such a warm sexy cast to everything. I'm sure my love affair will expire at some point but for now I'm pushing copper baby! especially with apricots and pinks.
I started to play around with that palette and threw in another color, which in my imagination I would probably have cringed at, but when I paired the soft pale apricots garden roses with hints of crimson with violet something unexpected happened, it produced that richness that you see in old Dutch paintings. The play of warm and cool tones in unabashedly saturated notes that work like a bunch of inspiring personalities at a dinner party- great relational conversation! I may sound as if I am more in love with myself than copper at this point but honestly, I take little credit! When you have such beautiful materials in front of you it's easy to think you're a great master but like photography, it's not a great photo without a great subject. Yes, it takes skill and a good eye to make an arrangement work and the understanding of mass and line play essential roles but when I think how I struggle drawing an arrangement it brings me crashing back down to size. Floristry is an applied art but with experience and a knowledge of your materials it's not brain surgery- the flowers do more than half the work. As for drawing and painting- it's all you. Next drawing session, Wed, March 7. Hope to see you :)


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