Saturday, April 21, 2012

Light and Lens

Summer is on it's way and the only thing I like about that are the bright rays of light it brings along.  The light streaming in from my studio windows or the light shimmering through the tree tops offer so many chances for one's imagination to run free, especially with a friendly camera in hand. Obsessed with refractions and shadows and focus right now so I hope you enjoy these plays with light and lens because you may be seeing a lot more here and on Instagram (thedesignerscoop) if you wish to follow the black hole of time which is swallowing every free second I have. Would I rather be a photographer? hmm... nah! I like to choose the subject matter. Having to photograph some predefined subject matter would kill the joy I get from photography, plus I wouldn't have a fridge full of gorgeous flowers to make living sculpture with. I'm quite happy being who I am, doing what I do and having the chance to play every day.