Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soaring and Weeping

Confetti of Cherry petals have wilted and gone but the colors that remain on it's branches have a richness all their own. Young rusty growth against the teal green mature leaves and reddish brown bark offer remnant filament of the flower stamens on their black hips a backdrop to dance on like a miniature ballet troupe. Ok, flower dork in da house!
Sometimes I simply have nothing to say and I start rhapsodising about nature in a gag-me kind of way.
This arrangement is a style I particularly gravitate toward for centerpieces. The pedestal on the iron birdbath acts as an elevated platform for both a weepy effect allowing for the composition to simultaneously project upward giving the leading "lady" or flower in question the spot light while cascade over the plate's edge creating graceful arcs of movement and texture. Feeling the "Flower nerd" coming on again strong!

Ok, here's a tip, when working with Japanese Maple cuttings for an event store the cuttings wrapped in wet newspaper in a dark garbage bag, with ends crushed and in water, until hours before the the event especially in the warmer months when the tips will curl and dry before your eyes.