Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Antiques Show at The Park Avenue Armory

This week was the Spring Antiques Show at the beautifully restored Park Avenue Armory. I had the honor to decorate the show with our oversized floor arrangements as well as providing flowers for vendors. My amazing crew managed to artfully install 28 bales of Crabapple, 9 bales of Lilac, 6 bales of Viburnum and three bales of Peonies. Imagine the fragrance as guests entered through a forest of Spring branches finished with masses of Jasmine and Lilac! The challenge of this job came after the opening festivities when the heat from some 60 booths lit with high powered spot lights created a toasty environment for all that splendid material to live in. Daily watering, spritzing and pruning helped keep the arrangements looking fresh for the duration of the show but not without much TLC. Tonight we break it all down and I can take a deep breath. Mission accomplished!