Monday, May 21, 2012

Emotional Life

Roses are everywhere now. Rambling up through Maple Trees, weeping over garden gates and climbing up brick walls. The border garden behind the studio offered some great long branches that I combined with flowers left from the fundraiser we donated flowers to this week at the NY Botanical Gardens. (St Christopher's Inn Org.). The affair raises over $100,000.00 and I was very happy that we could contribute in some form. It's a very special and needed organization.

With a few Azalea and Smoke Bush branches, Peonies and the roses from out back I assembled a somewhat discordant jumble of reds and whites shown above in the silver urn. This arrangement reflected my own inner emotional workings. Sometimes things just don't come together the way you'd wish they did but it's all a part of the whole and not necessarily good or bad. Tomorrow is another day with another set of battles and emotions and another chance to make another arrangement.