Monday, May 14, 2012

The Question of Color

More of the same.....
more Tree Peonies, Heleborus,  Begonias, Bleeding Hearts, Passion Vine, Camelias, Poppies, Jasmine,Columbine. More was more last week.
One of my fellow flower enthusiasts once gave me a very touching compliment. She said that I used color the way the English do- unabashedly. She said the Brits always have this confidence to combine bold colors in ways that work.
Ironically, my color choices are never something I over-think. I just choose those which makes me feel happy and alive. I know they're not always the most popular or trendsetting choices but they appeal to me and perhaps they resonate with a deeper memory of the tropics of my childhood in West Palm Beach where flowers meant brightness- Corals, Reds, Pinks, Orange, and Chartreuse. Sometimes, I feel like making a moodier palette but this is one I always return to especially in the Spring. Hopefully they lift other people's spirits too.