Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Give 'em Romance

Feels like I haven't had a chance to breath between back to back consultations, samples and appeasing the gods, (that is the clients that be). But I say this in a spirit of appreciation! The studio has been host to a few fantasy maquettes of installations that are being proposed for next year. I'm officially on the bandwagon with the vintage "do- it yourself" design paradigm that is currently saturating the bridal blogosphere. It's sweet it's romantic and it touches a nerve of comfort that the event world has been craving for some time now. Martha of course has been doing it all along with her crafty throw backs which are always so quaint and frankly all American- something I am certainly not. But I love martha, spelled in lower case because I speak of her, not personally, but as an aesthetic.
I am working with a bride on a wedding for next year. She proposed that we use hand made paper flowers as accents in a garden like environment. I suggested that we string garlands and lanterns and have the wispy flowers loosely "growing" from the greenery. On the table we assembled a still life of antique bottles, lanterns, candles, etc... All in all, a very whimsical effect was achieved.
The other images are from the treatment for an escort card table blanketed with Plumosa Fern and Ivy and Illuminated by various pewter candles.
These are not original ideas but they are beautiful and resonate with the new sentimental romantic bride.