Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Self-Serving Passiflora

Antique medicine bottles with Agapanthus, White Brodiaea, Passion flower vine and Cypress Vine

The passion flower is as evasive as the emotional state it's named after. How many times have I taken on the risk of buying them for an event only to spend days hoping and wondering if the expensive bulbous buds will open? The day comes and more often than not, I use it's expressive foliage but no flower. I swear it has a mind of its own! The next day I'll come into the studio and sure enough there it is composing an epiphany all it's own.
Selfish little bastards!
Still I must admit the thrill I get when they open and grateful for the privileged of witnessing it's lusty show.
I've noticed it seems to open best when cut and placed in hot water then left alone in a moderately cool environment. It's all a game of timing and patience like most of the best things in life.